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Thank you very much to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such an amazing patient family. It is an honor to serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care that is chiropractic.

 ~ The Monmouth Chiropractic Team

"Around 30 years ago, I hurt my neck (herniated discs) in a softball game. Went to 2 orthopedic doctors, who both recommended surgery. Instead, I thought I would try a chiropractor (had never gone to one). The first person I saw did not help much. Almost opted for surgery, until an acquaintance recommended Dr. DiNonno at Monmouth Back & Neck Rehabilitation. Before I saw him, I couldn't lift my arms over my head. 8 weeks later, I was doing military presses with a good amount of weight. 30 years later and I'm still seeing him for regular maintenance adjustments. I'm a pretty active 62 year old and thanks to Dr. DiNonno, I'm physically able to stay healthy. He is the best !" ~Neal's Gorilla Bow Workouts

"Dr D is the best. I came to him for extreme neck and back discomfort. Amazing what one treatment can do!" ~Jeff M.

"My otherwise healthy teenage son developed a chronic cough from silent reflux as well as atelectasis in one lung. Dr. DiNonno treated the silent reflux symptoms with both chiropractic adjustments and recommended nutritional changes. After 10 visits, his coughing subsided and his latest X-ray shows a normal healthy lung. I highly recommend Dr. DiNonno for your health needs, as I never knew that stomach and so many other issues can be resolved with chiropractic care." ~J. Halo

"By Far the best one I have ever been to as well as my kids. He has helped myself with my reoccurring headaches , back pain and neck pain. After going to him a few times I learned that he has treated children with reoccurring ear infections. My youngest was on antibiotics so much for her ear infections .. her pediatrician wanted to have the tubes put in. I decided to have her adjusted instead on getting the tubes and thankfully it was the best decision we made. She hasn't had one since she started being treated. Nor has she been on a antibiotic. I am forever grateful!!! Def. a Doctor I HIGHLY RECOMMEND~ He doesn't just treat he also educates. He not only helped us but also taught us so much." ~Kristen H.

"One of the best doctors in the area. Dr. D. has helped me with my back pain and neck pain and headaches that reoccur with sinus problems. He is an amazing doctor who takes his time to explain to you what he is going to do and is very understanding and caring. I highly recommend Monmouth Back and Neck and Dr. Dinnono. Thank you Dr. D. for all your help you have given me with my issues." Kathy D.

"Best Chiropractor around. Worth a drive from NYC" ~Andra S.

"He treats my grandmother witch is 88 and my whole entire family he is very helpful and helps me and my grandmother he is very professional" SammiJo M.

"Dr. DiNonno is a wonderful extremely knowledgeable Chiropractor that has being adjusting myself, wife and three children for years. We see Dr DiNonno for everything from lower back pain to headaches right down to the common cold. He has a wonderful staff as well." ~Joe G.

"Anyone who needs a caring, concerned, smart & funny chiropractor, Dr. D is your guy. I started with Dr. D a few years ago & I was unwell. Doc saved my life. I welcome anyone to contact me at any time for any questions relating to the amazing results I receive weekly from Dr. D!!!"  Lorien C.

"Dr D is the best, have been seeing him for 20 years" ~Peter J.

Monmouth Chiropractic

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